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LTE Physical Layer

The course offers a solid understanding of the physical layer (’layer 1′) functionality of the evolved radio access (E-UTRA) as defined in the 3GPP R8 Long Term Evolution work item (LTE). The course describes the definition of and usage of physical channels for data transmission and control signalling. The physical layer processing is described step by step ‘from transport block to radio wave’. The most important physical layer procedures are discussed in detail.

The course starts out with a high level description of the evolved radio access network and the underlying radio-related concepts selected for LTE. The LTE physical channels and signals, their usage and information contents, are then discussed one by one in detail. The layer 1 channel coding, modulation, antenna/layer mapping and OFDM-signal generation is then discussed in order to provide an understanding of the mapping of physical channel information bits onto complex-valued Resource Elements.

LTE physical layer procedures (such as synchronisation, resource assignment and feedback signalling) are described in a logical scenario-based sequence, providing the student with a good understanding of the downlink and uplink transmission schemes defined for LTE.

Target group

The course is targeted at those who need detailed knowledge of the LTE physical layer processing and procedures.


General knowledge of the concepts of physical channels, channel coding, modulation, scheduling and ARQ/HARQ retransmission in mobile systems (e.g. WCDMA) is highly recommended. Knowledge of HSPA is useful due to the many similarities between LTE and HSPA.


This course is a well-balanced mix of lectures, presentations, discussions and mind-maps.This course is avaible as scheduled training and the presentation is given in English or Swedish. This is a theoretical course. We can also give this course as on-site training. If you are interested in customized education, donĀ“t hesitate to contact us for furher information


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The LTE radio interface protocol and channel architecture

Physical layer processing

Resource Element mapping

PDSCH transmission and related control signalling

PUSCH/PUCCH transmission and related control signalling

Scheduling, link adaptation and hybrid-ARQ operation