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NetOps 2.0

NetOps 2.0 includes technical skills, practices and tools to help significantly reduce the network component of the total lead time for delivery and deployment of IT-support and applications.

The basic principles of NetOps 2.0 are:
• Development of the network is tightly integrated with the processes for application development / testing / DevOps.
• Configuration (and re-configuration) of the network is highly automated.
• Data from live networks is automatically captured, analyzed and used for preventive maintenance.

The needed skill set for the NetOps 2.o engineer is a mix of classic network expertise such as:

• Basic network skills, for instance TCP/IP, switching, routing, CLI and network architecture.
• Network security skills, e.g. firewalls, VPN, encryption techniques and vulnerability analysis
.… and new competence areas such as:
• Automation and scripting, e.g. Python, Perl, API:s and REST.
• Virtualization/Cloud, such as VMware/NSX, OpenStack and AWS.
• Agile methods and practices, for instance Scrum, Lean and DevOps.

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IT Management

Services such as project management, investigations and procurement support. We also carry out strategy studies and can act as an expert adviser.

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Network & automation

In the networking area, we assist with everything from analyzes, feasibility studies and design work to implementation, troubleshooting, and training.

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System Development

We take full responsibility through the whole development chain and our consultants have a black belt in system development.

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