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Actually it is quite simple to describe us at IP Solutions

We are geeks – for real. We remember a time when it was not as cool as it is today, before the birth of the Internet. Many of us have actually worked in the industry since then.


Our selected focus areas

  • Cloud
  • Datacom
  • Telecom

Within these areas, we offer expert consultants who are at the forefront of technology. Our team consists of Systems Developers, NetOps 2.0-consultants and IT project managers who can explain and guide you to a solution that works well just for you.

To be successful in a particular field –  in addition to know it extremely well – also requires a streamlined organization that ensures to deliver the right things at the right time, to the right price. We always do. Do you want to see if we can keep our promises?  

Please contact us and we will show you a customer case that corresponds to your specific needs.



Glenn Sernbrandt

Mail: glenn [at] ip-solutions.se
Phone: +4670-888 00 64

Head of Talent & employer branding

Philip Rexing-Åkesson

Mail: philip [at] ip-solutions.se
Phone: +4672-742 00 84


Rickard Nordin

Mail: rickard [at] ip-solutions.se
Phone: +4676-809 59 23

Senior Software Development Manager and Project Manager

Jonas Hult

Mail: jonas [at] ip-solutions.se