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Vi välkomnar Ciprian till team IP-Solutions! Ciprian har bott i Sverige i 5 år och har sedan barnsben varit intresserad av matte och datorer. Han har jobbat som utvecklare i många år och är en lösningsorienterad, analytisk och humoristisk person.

Welcome to IP-Solutions Ciprian! How does it feel so far?
I like working here and I am impressed with how fast I started my first assignment.

Where are you from and why did you end up here in Stockholm?
I moved here 5 years ago from Bucharest / Romania. My goal was to come here, develop my career and start a family. While Romania is my country and I feel well there, a high level of corruption makes it quite unsafe.

You have an interesting background as a developer. How did it all started?
I always liked technical activities, starting with mathematics in my early school years. After I got accepted in a technical high school in 1999, my parents bought me my first computer. The first thing I did was of course install some games, and thus my passion and curiosity for UI and games was born.
After I started high school, I had programming classes where I learned the basics of Pascal and C. Later I got some private classes from a very talented engineer who introduced me to Visual C++ and UI development. During this period, I dedicated a lot of time to personal projects and learning programming. After I finished university, I got my first developer job, and from there I learned a lot from the different assignments I had.

So where are you headed on your technical journey?
I am a technical expert and I really like that. I am going to develop even more in this domain and go towards a software architect position in the future.

Do you find it challenging working remote on a new project?
Generally I like working from home, though I am missing the office and socializing with people.

What did you dream about working with as a kid?
As a kid I dreamt of becoming a doctor, but when I realized that I don’t like hospitals or needles, I decided to change my plans.

… and we finish with 3 quick ones:

1. Which technical solution can’t you be without?
Smart phone, electric toothbrush

2. Of all innovations, can you mention one your find really fascinating?

E-book reader

3. Which app in your phone is being used most?


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